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Banteay Prei Temple

Banteay Prei Temple is a small, insignificant temple located a little further down the country path from Prasat Prei. In style, it has a lot in common with Ta Som which is located further down the main road. In size, it reminds me of Banteay Srei, which also has small windows and doors.

Few tourists do not venture to make this small tour what makes of it a very calm and resting place. The corridor the central hall remains, also the mark of the ring moat is recognized. The large wood stimulates inside the corridor and stands.

Small, untouristed temple near Neak Pean. Similar to Ta Som in architectural/artistic style and scale. Some of the apsara and Buddhist-themed lintel carvings are in pretty good condition. Oddly small doors and windows. Quiet, meditative spot.

How to go to Banteay Prei

Banteay Prei Temple is a minor temple that will only be of interest to those with time and specific interest in studying Angkor indepth. It is located on the left (north) side of the road that runs between Preah Khan and Neak Pean. Be on the look out for a left-turn with a signboard saying Banteay Prei and/or Prasat Prei. The left turn takes you first to Prasat Prei, which should also be visited if you are going to Banteay Prei.

A little further down the path is Banteay Prei. Both Prasat Prei and Banteay Prei are unlikely to be in any tour itineraries, so you most likely have to visit it on your own. If you need transport, I can recommend the tuk tuk driver who drove me there. His name is Mr Han (see contact below), and you can call to see if he is available to take you.